WSN Supervision & Control Monitor


The BeanScape® is a real time WSN supervision and control monitor. It allows the users to monitor and operate in real time BeanAir® WSN. The BeanScape® is also equipped with a smart expert system that allows users to interpret elements such as data acquisition or alarms related to the sensor network.

The BeanScape® offers the following features:

  • Server entirely dedicated to the monitoring of Beanair® WSN
  • Fully integrated WSN maintenance and installation tool
  • User friendly and highly adaptable to user’s environment
  • Highly intuitive and easy to use GUI (Graphical User Interface)
  • Real time integrated database
  • Simultaneous multi network handling (Multi clients/Server)
  • Highly customizable data panel board
  • One base : BeanScape® Basic

Two add-ons :

  • BeanScape® Premium : manages several WSN on the same compute
  • BeanScape® Premium+ : Multi WSN and *.NET OPC server allowing real time access from your IT system to the BeanScape®


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