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Not just a sensor, but a complete, modular, flexible and cost effective vibration analysis system suitable to answer all your measurement needs in civil applications

GEA is complete. Within the low noise triaxial sensor SEQUOIA IT integrates the power supply, the conditioning and signal 24 bit digitalization. No more need for instrument or DAQ board for connecting the sensor. Simply connect to the PC trough a normal USB port, or as an option via WiFi, and you get, thanks to the GEA-Lab Software a powerful tool for measuring and analyze vibration in buildings, ground and civil structures.


Sensors: Tri-axial, MEMS  
A/D Converter: 24 Bit Sigma Delta  
Sampling Frequency: 1024 Hz  
Lowest Level: 0,05 mm/s  
Dynamic Range: 100 dB  
Frequency Response: 0,8 - 100 Hz (315 Hz) *
Protection Grade: IP65  
Dimension: D:117 mm x H:35 mm **
Weight: 350 g  
Shock Resistance: 5000 g  

*: Software selectable

**:Without Mounting Accessories


The software is suitable to measure and monitoring vibration for the assessment of structural damage in accordance with national and international regulation. Manage at the same time more sensors and, in addition to making measurements in real time, is able to record the time history of data for later analysis.

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