Thermoswitches in brass enclosure

Thermoswitches in brass enclosure
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The switching contact of this type of thermoswitch/thermostat can be implemented as a break contact (THO) or a make contact (THS). In the event of rising or falling ambient temperature the switching contact is automatically actuated by the bimetallic snap washer. The switching temperature is permanently set in the factory. All conductive parts are electrically insulated from the brass enclosure.
The type of internal thread, thread runout, sealing face and the heat transfer pin are to the customer specifications or can be selected from our extensive standard range. The maximum tightening torque when installing the thermoswitch depends on the internal thread:

  • - Guide value up to thread size M 22, tightening torque max. 20 Nm
  • - Guide value from thread size M 22, tightening torque max. 35 Nm

Special types can be supplied in accordance with customer documentation.
A rubber cap to protect the electrical connections can be supplied as an accessory.
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