Multi-functional thermoswitches

Multi-functional thermoswitches
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These miniaturised thermoswitches enable simultaneous implementation of two different switching functions in one device. With this thermostat, defined time-delayed switching on and off is implemented and if a set defined limit temperature is exceeded the same thermostat acts as overheating protection.
The mechanical design of the multi-functional thermostats is simple and robust. These thermostats are single pole thermostats that respond to temperature with a make (NO) contact or a break (CN) contact in a ceramic enclosure. They are also equipped with a heating resistor, which can be activated externally. This heating resistor is connected inside the thermostat on one side with a switch group contact, while the second connection of the heating resistor is fed to the outside via a separate connection cable. The switching temperatures of the bimetallic snap washer and the resistance value of the heating resistor can be varied within a broad range; however it is not possible for the user to set a value.
The fastening elements of the multi-functional thermostats are galvanically isolated from the contact system. The ceramic enclosure protects the contact system from dust, dirt and withstands high temperature peaks.

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