Temperature range -25°C to 390° C Tolerances and hysteresis of the switching temperature on request.
Thermoswitches with manual restart, electrical self-holding or single operation devices (SOD) function
These miniaturised thermoswitches enable simultaneous implementation of two different switching functions in one device. With this thermostat, defined time-delayed switching on and off is implemented and if a set defined limit temperature is exceeded the same thermostat acts as overheating protection.
The switching contact of this type of thermoswitch/thermostat can be implemented as a break contact (THO) or a make contact (THS). In the event of rising or falling ambient temperature the switching contact is automatically actuated by the bimetallic snap washer. The switching temperature is permanently set in the factory. All conductive parts are electrically insulated from the brass enclosure.
The thermoswitches can be supplied in plastic or ceramic enclosures.
The newly developed thermoswitches with changeover contact also operate on the basis of the bimetallic snap washer principle.
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