Thermostats Snap action type

A snap-action thermostat specially designed for 120 and 240 VAC appliance and other heated applications. Available with either a wide or narrow differential between opening and closing temperatures for tighter temperature control.
A snap-action, self-hold thermostat for motor and appliance applications. In a fault condition, the Model JS opens the circuit, and an internal heat source holds it open until power is removed, and the unit is allowed to cool. The thermostat then resets, allowing continued operation.
A snap action thermostat that functions like a non-resettable type control. This single operation thermostat performs like a thermal fuse with the reliability of a 100% tested bimetallic thermal control.
A snap-action thermostat/thermal protector with the highest contact ratings of any of our controls. Suitable for use on 120/240 VAC loads. Available with variety of bi-metallic elements to enhance performance characteristics.
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