Weather stations

วัดความเร็วลม ทิศทางลม ความดันบรรยากาศ ความชื้นและอุณหภูิมิ


  • Precise measurements at the physical limits
  • High long-time stability
  • Big internal data logger (not MWS 6 and MWS 3)
  • Evaluation electronics / interface in one housing
  • Practice-oriented software
  • Picture-documented instruction for installation
  • Starting-up in 5 minutes without soldering or clamming
  • Stationary and portable
  • Use all year long with optional heating
  • Low current consumption
  • High-quality steel or anodised aluminium
  • Tested in in-circuit- and function test
  • Cycle end test in a climatic chamber
  • Own hard- and software development
  • Production and calibration at one site


softwareSoftware for Calculating the Wind Run
This optional software calculates the wind run and is used
for finding the endangered regions in an ecological disaster.
With your map in the background, people can be alarmed
very fast e.
g in case of a poison gas disaster. You can use
any maps in JPEG- or Bitmap-format (do not come with
the unit!




Environmental measuring stations – weather services –acoustics – Formula1 Team courses – test courses of renowned tyre and car producers – building instrumentation and control – weather data for satellite navigation – military– cable TV – power plants – airports – yachting clubs – hangglider clubs – insurance companies – road service – dumping sites – petrochemical plants – food industry – market gardens – agriculture – schools and universities – research
institutes – health resorts – tourist information – professional private use.

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