Sealed feedthroughs, sometimes called sealing glands, are used to seal elements under the most arduous conditions and have many applications in a wide variety of industries:process plant,power generation,vacuum equipment,petro-chem,pharmaceutical,glass production,semiconductor fabrication.

Sealed feedthrough assemblies are pressure rated up to 700 bar and can be used in applications at a maximum temperature of 870°C, dependent on the type of feedthrough and sealant material specified. Sealed feedthroughs for single elements cater for sensors from 0.5mm (0.020") dia. to 19.05mm (0.75"). Sizes that can be used in multiple element assemblies are from 0.5mm dia to 6.35mm (0.25")


The key factors in each application - temperature, pressure and process media - determine the choice of material for the internal sealant in all feedthroughs.


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