Data and image processing camera

State-of the art technology

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For this purpose DCAM renders possible a maximum of reliable image data collection and analysis in real time.

  • Cameras in CMOS technology enable readout by frame(ROL,MROI).
  • Quick image and signal procesing inside the same housing using FPGA and soft processor without requiring and external computer.

Head start due modularityDKAM 200

DCAM will be adjusted exactly to your individual requirements.

  • Little time required for design and development.
  • Components that are already available, reduce the cost for desgin and development.
  • You can use the DCAM with digital E?A's also you have connections for digital and analoque encoder with interpolation, D/A converters,supply for led/laser and sensor.

Scope of applications and benefits

Due to its compact design DCAM can be used in varied applications in industrial environments as well as in the food processing and phamaceutical industries.

Note: No external computer is required for operation,only for servicing.

  • Object recognition for determining quantity and position.สามารถนับจำนวนชิ้นที่ถูกวางอย่างไม่เป็นระเบียบcounting
  • Measurement and position determination also using triangulation (3D) and subpixel interpolation.
  • Optimally suitable for automation, quality assurance and monitoring
  • Cost reduction due to shorter cycle times.
  • Less rework and rejects.
  • Low in maintenance and low operating costs.


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