BeanGateway GTW - GSM/GPRS version - Outdoor

BeanGateway GTW - GSM/GPRS version - Outdoor
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BeanGateway GSM-GPRS Outdoor

The BeanGateway® GSM/GPRS is used to build and manage Beanair® wireless sensor network. It can manage queues for every network element (BeanDevice®). As a gateway, it controls the external access to the network through a highly secured authentication procedure. It supports the conversion of data exchanged, compression and IP connectivity with the network thereby reducing the intelligence required in these platforms, maintenance and therefore the associated cost.

The BeanGateway® GSM/GPRS operates with an external power supply (DC 8-28V). An integrated rechargeable battery is used as an UPS battery (uninterruptible power supply). The internal battery provides instantaneous protection from external power supply interruptions, the wireless sensor network, Ethernet LAN & GSM/GPRS activities are maintained during this time.

The BeanGateway® GSM/GPRS is also equipped with various communication interfaces with the customers IT infrastructure (RS232, Ethernet - TCP / IP / UDP / DHCP / DNS, GSM/GPRS).

Measurement data can be transmitted by GPRS to OneSense® Energy Webserver, providing remote access to measurement data. GPRS data transmission offers the following advantages:

  •     No cable connection between the BeanGateway® and the customer IT environment
  •     Cost effective data transmission with M2M (Machine-to-Machine) provided
  •     Cloud based webserver: non-intrusive, remotely-hosted, virtualized and on-demand-by-API server
  •     Easy network installation with the BeanScape® Manager
  •     Thanks to « Store and Forward » feature, data transmission is more reliable

The BeanGateway® GSM/GPRS comes with a watertight (IP67) and robust aluminium casing.


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