Models A1, AA1, A1R & AA1R

Models A1, AA1, A1R & AA1R
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A low-cost creep-action thermostat with crimp connections for fast, easy termination. Available in same end (Model A1) or opposite end (Model AA1) configurations. Designed and approved for use in heating pads and electric blankets.


  •     Conductive bimetal construction; the bimetallic element carries the circuit current.
  •     Creep action device; slow make/slow break switching action.
  •     No built-in differential between the opening and closing temperature.
  •     Case electrically alive; insulating sleeving is available.
  •     Preset calibration temperature; not adjustable in the field.
  •     Available with same end termination, Model A; or opposite end termination, Model AA.
  •     Available with factory applied lead wires.

Contact Ratings

    1 amp/120 volts AC resistive
    2 amps/120 volts AC inductive

Calibration Temperature Range

    Available with nominal calibration temperatures from 5° C to 150° C.


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