Vibration and Shock Exciter

Air bearing vibration exciters for calibration and test Air bearing vibration exciters for calibration and test

The following vibration exciters are electrodynamic air bearing exciters, which are able to provide a mechanical signal with a small distortion and transverse acceleration in the frequency range of 0 Hz up to 50 kHz for calibration and test systems.

Ball bearing vibration exciters for modal analysis Ball bearing vibration exciters for modal analysis

The following ELECTRO-SEIS® long stroke exciters APS 113 and APS 400 are ball bearing force generators specifically designed to be used alone or in arrays for studying dynamic response characteristics of various structures. They find use in e.g. modal excitation of complex structures, particularly when low frequencies are required.

Shock exciters Shock exciters

The principle of the hopkinson bar is basis for the shock exciters SE-220 HOP-MS and SE-221 HOP-HS. The high-shock model SE-221 HOP-HS provides the necessary force impact with a, by the use of pressurized air, accelerated projectile which impacts the end of the bar. The SE-220 HOP-MS shock exciter for medium shock amplitudes goes a completely new way. It provides the force impact using a piezo-aktuator (Patent pending). This allows new possobilities to control the mechanical shock signal and with its new applications in the field of the calibration and in particular in the field of measurement and test systems (e.g. to test the shock sensibility of MEMS sensors). The pneumatically driven shock exciter SE-201 PN-LMS uses the hammer-anvil principle to generate the shocks. A projectile that is accelerated by pressurized air is used as hammer. The shock pendulum SE-210 SP-LS with integrated reference sensor completes the portfolio of the SPEKTRA shock exciters.

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