Alternative anti-scaling

Alternative anti-scaling
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The alternative anti-scaling system GENO®-K4 makes use of the low-voltage precipitation effect. The system is equipped with two electrodes.When voltage is applied, calcium carbonate crystals are generated on the electrode. The electrodes of the GENO®--K4 system feature a surface specially designed for this process. Due to this surface, the formation of the crystals starts at a minimum voltage level which is lower than the electrolysis voltage level of the water.

The regular reversal of poles of the electrodes leads to the release of the calcium carbonate crystals. They are flushed out of the GENO®-K4 into the water network in the form of microscopically small seed crystals. In the drinking water system which is installed downstream of the GENO®-K4, scale deposits settle on these seed crystals instead of on the surface of the heating coils or on the pipes. The crystals which grow due to the scale deposits are removed from the system with the draining water. The effect of this process is a considerable reduction of scale deposits in hot-water boilers and pipes.

Scope of supply: ready-to-connect, compact stand-alone device with integrated electronic controller, automatic flushing unit (DN 50 drain connection required), ready for optional water stop with controller for sensor and flow monitoring for high safety, mounting set R 1” including 2 ball-type shut-off valves and corrugated stainless steel hoses.


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